New Years with Rihanna

I'm telling you Rihanna may be known to the world as a pop sensation but I'm starting to think she also deserves the title fashion doll!!! These are pics from her performing for an early taping for her appearance on NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly.
Sooo I guess this means if I don’t have plans for New Years, I can definetely plop on the couch and check out Rihanna. Not a bad way to begin the new year at all. = )

Amerie: More Than Love

Once again Amerie looks amazing; she's dressed so chic in her newest video for "More Than Love". I peeped her rocking one of the it-shoes of the season...the Rodarte thigh-high boots!!! I also loved her fur coat & vest! Her outfits have given me some new ideas for my winter wadrobe. <3

Sooo I'm on the search for some great....
Fur Vests

Thigh-High Boots

Kudosss to Miss Amerie!


If this year’s mild summer is any indication of the future of New York's weather forecast, I'm predicting we may have a harsh winter. The bright side of this all is that trendsetters all over the city can use this as an opportunity to stock up on cool winter gear! I am not really a big fan of bubble down coats...their bulkiness makes me depise them at times. However, when it's freezing out a leather bomber will do you no justice= (
I decided to do some reserach on outwear brands and I came across Penfield.  The classics from the brand include the Rockford Down Insulated Jacket and Kasson Parka, which both show the label’s New England heritage. My favorite from Penfield are the Down Insulated Jackets with Telfon coating exterior!
&&& aside from Penfield's outwear collection they aslo offer shirts, hats & bags.
Make sure to check out  Penfield’s official online store.

Men's coat styles from Penfield F/W 2010

woman's down coat style

Be a Barbie Girl in Nicki's World

Nicki Minaj has made many appearances this month looking really good and I'm really starting to adore her style. I know I may get the side eye for this post but's my blog I can post whatever it is that I like  = p
 Rapper Nicki Minaj seems like a girl who has fun with everything she does from her song lyrics to her style. Forget trying to fit in...this girl is always trying to stand out!  &&& although she rolls with a gang mostly of guys from her Young Money Crew she stays true to her feminine side by dressing extra girly.
The reason that I think many people have been hating on her fashion choices is probably because her outfits are usually very risque &&& her two-toned hair would make some say "she can't be serious"?
However, I respect her orginality with her fashion game &&& I'm sure she knows exactly what she's doing. A lot of what she wears are pieces that the average girl could not pull off. If your trying to recreate Nicki Minaj's look make sure to wear your most unique pieces &&& use Barbie as your inspiration. That means a splash of pink, a pair of really high heels, cute hair, glossy lips and let's not forget tons of confidence or as Nicki would say a "bad bitch mentality"!
Barbie Fashion by Nicki Minaj

Alexander Wang S/S 2010 Campaign

Liya Kebede x Elle Italia Jan. 2010

omg she is sooo beautiful! seems like she hasn't aged a bit.

Lady G

Lady GaGa by Carolyn Cole for a Los Angeles Times interview

Lanvin S/S 2010 Ad Campaign

Take a look at the Lanvin S/S 2010 campaign shot by Steven Meisel.

WWD reports the following words of artistic director Alber Elbaz:

“I thought maybe we need a bit of action,”
“She moved so fast, even the chandelier was moving with her,”
“That’s the kind of girl I like,”

&&& below is the Men's campaign shot...

wow..I love them both!

Fashionistas are You Fur Sure?

The winter is here and as the weather becomes full of frost, stylistas will have to start pulling out their warmest items to save them from the chill. One of my favorite things about winter is wearing faux fur clothing and right now my two faux fur favs from my wadrobe are my hooded bomber &amp; scarf both from H&M.

I also have a real fur coat but I haven't worn it still because sometimes I feel bad about wearing real fur. I am aware of the cruelty involved with the creation of fashionable fur items so at times I feel guilty when I wear fur. &amp;&amp;&amp; I know a lot of people who turn the blind eye to the practice- they probably feel being that we eat animals then why not wear them?

I grew up adoring fur coats and accesories like hats &amp; shawls and I have always thought a woman looks so chic in fur. However, it doesn't seem right to subject animals to cruelty in the name of fashion. With that said, I still don't have a concrete agrument when it comes to this debate. = (

Some of my favorite celebs all adorned in fur:

I'm curious, how do you all feel about wearing real fur?


My best friend and I at a loft party in Queens. (Shae: left Me: Right)
Being that I am an fashion editorial addict whenever I'm going out and need inspiration for an outfit I usually open a high fashion glossy for inspiration. This particular outfit was inspired by an editorial titled "High Maintenance". I was sooo in love with the puff shoulders, the hot pink booties and the combo of two different animal print is genius <3!

Here's how I recreated the look: I wore a Zara long-sleeved mini dress with a high-waisted belt. A fancy link necklace from Express and Zara leather knee-high boots.
I wanted to rock the fuschia booties (pictured above) which are from Aldo but they felt really uncomfortable so I chose to wear flats instead.
Do you guys have anything that helps inspire your outfits, if so what is?!

Who Wearing What: Rihanna

Sooo those of you who read my blog on a regular basis already know I much I adore Rihanna! I believe that she is a certified style icon and she will probably hold that title for many years to come. I don't care what you think of her or her music there's no denying that she has great style! She has fun with fashion and no matter what she's going through, Rihanna always manages to look very chic. Most of the time, her most important accessory to her fierce fit is her confidence and that's why she can make very wierd things sooo look good = )
Miss Fenty is always the one setting trends, just think about how many other starlets have followed suit & swtiched up their style to the 'bad girl' look. &&& if it weren't for Rih a lot of  designers wouldn't be known by the public.

Who: Rihanna
Wearing What: Jean Paul Gaultier

For her appearance on BET's 106 & Park last week, Rihanna wore overalls from Jean Paul Gaultier collabo with Levi's from the S/S 2010 collection. On the runway, the overalls were worn over a long sleeve top but Rihanna being the fashion rebel she wore just her bra.
This look reminds me of the 90's &&& something Aaliyah another beautiful R&B
songtress would wear.

What did you think was Rihanna's tomboy chic a good look?



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