Be a Barbie Girl in Nicki's World

Nicki Minaj has made many appearances this month looking really good and I'm really starting to adore her style. I know I may get the side eye for this post but's my blog I can post whatever it is that I like  = p
 Rapper Nicki Minaj seems like a girl who has fun with everything she does from her song lyrics to her style. Forget trying to fit in...this girl is always trying to stand out!  &&& although she rolls with a gang mostly of guys from her Young Money Crew she stays true to her feminine side by dressing extra girly.
The reason that I think many people have been hating on her fashion choices is probably because her outfits are usually very risque &&& her two-toned hair would make some say "she can't be serious"?
However, I respect her orginality with her fashion game &&& I'm sure she knows exactly what she's doing. A lot of what she wears are pieces that the average girl could not pull off. If your trying to recreate Nicki Minaj's look make sure to wear your most unique pieces &&& use Barbie as your inspiration. That means a splash of pink, a pair of really high heels, cute hair, glossy lips and let's not forget tons of confidence or as Nicki would say a "bad bitch mentality"!
Barbie Fashion by Nicki Minaj


  1. I think she's a great rapper, not a big fan of how she dresses though.

  2. Incredible story there. What occurred after? Take care!

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