Obey Your Fashion Craving

Black pleather bag w/ anti-brass stud details by Obey Accessories
Make the "Rock Solid Handbag" for $72.00 yours... buy it at 80'spurple.com

Hit or Miss?

R&B songstress Ashanti's in a bright tangerine colored dress. I think the color is beautiful on her but something about this dress is just not working for me...what do you think it is?

Yah or Nah?

Queen Bey in Ebony

Beyonce is on the cover and pages of the upcoming issue of EBONY magazine. These pics are great and this is a fab new look for her!

Thanks for reminding me why I love you as an artist so much Bey = )

I ♥...

So right now I am very excited that Charolette Ronson has designed a line for JC Penney called I [Heart] Ronson. What's great about the new line is that it is for the 20 to 35-year-old woman, and is priced at JC Penney's tier, ranging from $15 for layering T-shirts and tanks to $26 to $44 for blouses, sweaters and jeans to $40 to $65 for dresses and jackets. This is great because these prices are a bit cheaper than Charlotte Ronson’s other contemporary line C.Ronson which wholesales from $70 to $130.

See the collection on Iheart Ronson for jcpenney or on charoletteronson.com

Pretty in Purple

On Sunday my bestie Shae and I went to Macy's to have some unique kind of fun, by getting bust measurements for bras. And heyyy can you believe a petite girl like me is a D cup! But anyway, we went to the juniors floor to check out the Steve Madden shoes. We both agreed these are just too fab & you know I must have them. I have already planned my wardrobe around these sexy purple things!!! (lol). I'm thinking these would be great to rock on a special day like my b'day.

Sexy Spandex Legs

Looks like Kanye's new gal pal loves herself some spandex but you know what? So do I = )

American Apparel is the pioneer in workout clothes turned everyday street wear....
Grab a pair of leggings like Amber Roses' from an AmericanApparel store near you.

Stylistas Think Alike:Philip Lim

Stylistas think alike: Kate Bosworth, Lucy Liu and Solange Knowles all in Philip Lim for Spring 2009

Rocking the Boat

Katy Perry pictured wearing a nautical inspired dress from Dolce & Gabbana. What do you think of the "I Kissed a Girl" singer's outfit here.


Take a Bow

quite cute these bow headbands are = )

Where art Thou?

It seems like forever...when is TopShop going to open in the city?!!! The anticipation is killing me!

Acessories KickAss

Here's Rihanna rocking a BAD three finger ring from MelodyEhsani. I'm thinking about getting a ring similiar to hers...not sure what it will say though. I also like these pieces:

Get your own custom piece from melodyehsani.com & check out Keri Hilson's video for "Turnin' Me On" which features MelodyEhsani jewelry.

Bleubird Vintage

Omg how adorable! Paired with laid back moccasins, bohochic gladiator sandals or riding boots this is a cute and simple piece to add to a spring wardrobe.

Houndstooth is a great print and it looks even better on this form fitting dress.

My leather is so soft! This is a great dress to wear on a night clubbing in the city. I know if I had this on I would be simply irresistible!

Visit bleubirdvintage.com for some more awesome vintage finds.

Baby I'm Bad News

Baby I'm Bad News
Baby I'm Bad News - by Bethiesue08[Requests Open] on Polyvore.com

A cute lil' ensemble for the warm weather = )
Snagged from polyvore.

Balmain Spring 09

Balmain is one of my favorite collecions. Rockerchic is really cool.

It's so crazy because my job has these Balmain look-alikes and women are dying to have their hands on them. Since these pretty damn good knockoffs came in the store two weeks ago I think I get about at least 5 customers a day asking for them. Let alone the nonstop phone calls to place the shoes on hold. I understand all the hype being that at Balmain they are in the thousand price point and at Zara they are $169.00...besides they both look like the same cheesy rhinestones were used!lmfao.



Check out zara.com to see where you can get a hold of these.

OhWee at LouisV

If only I could get my hands on a bag from the Stephen Sprouse collection for Louis Vuitton! I’m so excited about this re-release, I remember how hot this collection was back in 2001. The collection consists of two of the late artists' iconic motifs, the graffti and the rose. They will be interpreted into Day-Glo shades of pink, green and orange over the Monogram print. The motifs appear on everything from the Vuitton Speedy,Keepall, and Neverfull bag styles. In Macy's I have also seen sneaker boots, pumps,sunglasses,wallets and coin purses.

Check out the website welovesprouse.com for more.

Betseyville Bags!

Besteyville bags...I dont know what it is about them that make me smile and fall in love. They are so sassy and very different from any other handbags I've seen.

24K Large Frame
Cha Cha Cheetah Flap Shoulder
Be Mine Large Hobo $88.00

These are my favorite ones I plan to buy. Check out betseyjohnson.com for more.

Oh No!

Beyonce whyyyy...I'm so mad at you for this. = (

I heart Tights


Tights are all a girl needs sometimes.
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ShaeShae la Fine


This is my best friend Shae. She's pursuing a career in modeling. On Sunday she came by my house so I could photograph her to send some pictures to agencies. I had a lot of fun, we went through my closet full of crazy outfits and put random stuff together. I will have some more posts and pictures of Shae as she embarks on her modeling journey. Love ya bestie. = )
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I love basic striped tops.

Bruce Dern & Diane Ladd in 'The Wild Angels,' 1966.
(Photo by American International Pictures/Courtesy of Getty Images)

BDG Striped Tank from Urban Outfitters $20.00


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