Style Session: B.E.T Awards

Beyonce: Dynasty Diva

Queen Bey, I have nothing negative to say about her wadrobe! Why? Well because she chose Balmain! The dress was very interesting with it's swirl of colors and shoulder pads. It reminds me of a dress from the t.v. show Dynasty. This 80's frock wasn't really what intrigued me was those crazy shoes!

Who makes them? If anyone finds out let me know...I think they are some hot shoes!

Keri Hilson: Fun & Funky

By far this was my favorite look of the night for so many reasons! First off it's eccentric, artsy and at the same time vintage inspired appears to be reminiscent of 194o's high glamour. I like that she didn't wear any crazy accessories & her shoes were simple black satin ones nothing distracted from the great dress. She looked nothing like anyone else, Keri was definitely making a statement that night. The fun pattern & bright color just reminds me of the fact that Keri is a new comer on the R&B scene but no doubt not an underdog nor someone to sleep on. Keri looks like she was channeling her inner superwoman, well she mos def saved the day with this look!

Amerie: Glam Rock

I think no matter what Amerie wears she looks great = ) I don't think I can ever recall a time that she has made an appearance or attended an event looking overexposed or dressed tasteless so therefore, her style seems very true to who she is. Omg I loved the fact that she went to the big names for her look! Her little white dress was Alexander Wang, who is the "it" designer right now. Her shoes were the Alexander McQueen booties with the skull zipper which I adore (& made a blog post about a few weeks back) but yea she basically was rocking the big names in the making her look like the stylista of the night.

However, there was one huge problem with this all...

Yes Amerie & Amber Rose were wearing the same dress!!! I honestly don't think either woman out did the other...they look equally hot! I mean they both have their own personal style so there is no way that they could look the same even in the same darn dress.

Amber Rose: Fierce

I feel like Amber doesn't miss a beat when it comes to the fashion drum. This ensemble showed her individualism which I can tell is what she takes much pride in. = ) I think she looks like a sexy, trendsetter robot, very futuristic some steps ahead of the rest. The blond baldie, her dark shades, pretty pale lips & hot pink patent leather heels were a huge contrast to the dress but it worked well for her. I noticed that she filled out the dress in the back (more than Amerie) which is indeed true Amber Rose fashion!

Letoya Luckett: Bombshell

I love this dress so much because like Beyonce's it was Balmain and it helps that she looks so cute in it! I'm just mad that this was her choice being that I have seen this dress on the red carpet before. Selita Ebanks wore this same dress not so too long ago. I wanted to see her in a look that no one has had before to get the shine that she needs! Overall I still thought she looked good the only thing I do think was wrong were the shoes...they were clunky almost like clown shoes. No matter what I am a huge fan of anyone who wears Balmain...I was simply being bias on this one!

Teairra Marie: Simply Sexy

The best thing about this look is the short length plus the platform heels. This combo showcased her legs and made them look extra long. It's a really sexy look but doesn't come off as raunchy because she doesn't have cleavage exposed and it's all black so your eyes aren't drawn to one particular body part, just the outfit on a whole.
Overall, it was a cute easy look.

Tyra Banks: Conservative

I still don't know how I felt bout this ardonygous menswear look on Tyra. I think it was a little bit too conservative for an awards show, especially the B.E.T Awards show at that. The whole ensemble down to the hair was very safe and looks more like an outfit that Tyra should wear when hosting her talk show.

Ciara : Standing Tall & Striking

I feel like lately, Ciara has been doing a great job at creating a unique identity in the world of celebrity style. I like this look because it's very fashion forward and it shows off her modelesque figure. I felt like she took a risk by wearing a leather dress (not to mention it's very hot for a leather dress) but it worked for her since she seemed to wear it with a lot of confidence.

Keke Palmer: Young Classy Chic

I am always amazed at how well Keke Palmer is styled. She wears age appropriate clothing but still allows her mature persona to shine through. I liked this look so much because the embellished dress is trendy and the length was perfect for her. The best part were the shoes which were classy. If she would've worn a different pair (with a higher heel or crazy detailing) it might have made her look too over-the-top for her age.

Taraji P. Henson: Daring to be Different

At first I disliked this look a whole lot! But after analyzing a few pics I realized why it's actually a great look and probably no one else could pull this off so well. The dress is unique choice for her with it's cut-out back, asymmetric style and one long sleeve. The unfortunate thing here is that the backless nature of the gown reveals her lower back tattoo (yuck)in my opinion. The best thing is the stretch fabric of the dress which hugged her body & accentuated her nice figure.

Cassie: Deconstructed

I think Cassie was thinking less hair less clothes! I mean it is not that awful this outfit...but I just can't understand why she wore this. I really thought that she was a sweet girl when she first came out but then she shaved half her head and just erased that thought. With this outfit I seriously feel like she's making an attempt to pull a Rihanna channeling that good girl gone bad. I guess she seen how successful Rihanna was with switching up her image & selling more records but I think she should just leave the all black & tight fitted get-up at home or at least to thee one & only bad girl Rih Rih only because it looked a lil on the raunchy side for Cassie.

I did like her MJ style cut-off gloves. Great way to pay tribute to the King. If it weren't for the gloves & her beautiful face I would say this was all a style miss.

So what did you guys think about the red carpet style from the B.E.T Awards?

R.I.P Michael Jackson

When I heard the news yesterday I thought it was just a sick joke, you know one of those stupid rumors. Then when I left work I found out that it was indeed true that Michael Jackson had died. I know a lot of people that are saddened by his death and who are mourning. I feel that is unfortunate that he did not survive as long as we thought he would but he had lived his life to the fullest and accompoloshed so much. Therefore, I am not too sad I won't cry because right now he is in a better place.

Me being a lover of fashion and great music I always thought Micahel Jackson was so cool. His videos and live performances were always great to watch when I needed inspiration. He showed me that you could do anything and be anybody that you wanted to with hard work and dedication to your passion.

He influenced music and fashion in a way that not many could never have predicted that a young black man could do.

He was trully a legend who crossed many cultural as well as racial boundaries. I am not going to be sad that he is gone because like many other greats he has left us with an so much and everything he has done can be inspiratian to us all.

Balenciaga Resort 2010

Balenciaga's resort collection had a strong and structured feel but still very feminine at the same time. I felt like this was a great idea to combine two opposing takes on fashion and make it one cool new look.

Arlenis + Lais in Trace

models Arlenis Sosa & Lais in Trace here for more

Ciara Works in her M.E.

Here are some candids via melody ehsani is not her history of Ciara wearing jewelry from Melody Eshani. I love Melody Ehsani I think her accessories are fun and one of a kind statement pieces. It's seems like almost every diva in the hip-hop & r&b music industry has rocked her that goes to show how hot her collection is!

On another note, I decided to that I will start posting music videos that have great fashion styling.
This is Ciara's newest video "Work"...The styling is perfect in my opinion and I especially love the shoes Miss CiCi is strutting her stuff in!
Tell me what you ladies think...

Gucci Ankle Strap Platforms

I am a shoe this was my cpu screensaver for a few months. lol. Take a closer look at the Gucci Iman Ankle Strap Sandals...

And look at none other than the fashionista Rihanna rocking a pair...

So now here's what I do best! Grab a pair of shoes that resemble the Gucci Platform style for wayyyy less thanks to...

Go Jane




Happy shopping!

Bey Stings Again

I Love Murakami

So today I was daydreaming about how much I want to be wealthy enough to afford a few Louis Vuitton bags! I think that at least one authentic LV bag is what every girl who COULD have SHOULD have! = )

Maybe one day I will have a huge collection like my idol Kimora Lee Simmons!

The best thing about Louis Vuitton is the really cool favorite, is that of artist Takashi Murkami. Here's some examples of his work on two traditional Louis Vuitton bag styles...

I think his compositions are very versatile and could be used on almost anything. For example, he designed Kanye West's "Graduation" album cover

&&& here's a cute little video of his cartoonist ability I found on YouTube

A Job Well Dunn

Jourdan Dunn in Vogue Russia.

Throwback Fashion Spread

Here is a fashion spread that is a few years old but still relevant called "Noctambule", which was shot by photographer Terry Richardson for Vogue Paris's May 2007 issue. Super model Daria Werbowy was featured in this entire spread and I love her she is one of my favorites. = )


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