R.I.P Michael Jackson

When I heard the news yesterday I thought it was just a sick joke, you know one of those stupid rumors. Then when I left work I found out that it was indeed true that Michael Jackson had died. I know a lot of people that are saddened by his death and who are mourning. I feel that is unfortunate that he did not survive as long as we thought he would but he had lived his life to the fullest and accompoloshed so much. Therefore, I am not too sad I won't cry because right now he is in a better place.

Me being a lover of fashion and great music I always thought Micahel Jackson was so cool. His videos and live performances were always great to watch when I needed inspiration. He showed me that you could do anything and be anybody that you wanted to with hard work and dedication to your passion.

He influenced music and fashion in a way that not many could never have predicted that a young black man could do.

He was trully a legend who crossed many cultural as well as racial boundaries. I am not going to be sad that he is gone because like many other greats he has left us with an so much and everything he has done can be inspiratian to us all.

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