Chole Opening @ the Milk Studio

Camila Alves
Maria Sharapova
Zoe Saldana
Chloe Sevigny
KateBosworth, ChloeSevigny, Hannah McGibben & Ralph Toledano

HaremPants Time

Who: Christina Millian
Wearing What: American Apparel

I have read a few blogs where people are saying Christina Millian looks bad in these pants but I don't think they look so bad. Honestly! Well if you don't mind rocking some tribal printed pants you can grab a pair from American Apparel...The Printed Spandex Jersey Harem Pant for $42.

Ciara Strolls in London

Some candids of Ciara from . If anyone knows what boots she is wearing let me know! Thanks.

Inspirational Illustration

Somehow I stumbled across a great blogspot. With every click to a new link I fell in love! The blog features illustrations and artwork from a very talented 23 yr old man. from California and after viewing his work I was so inspired! The compositions are so rich, full of imagination and have a unique stylization. I have decided to blow the dust off of my sketchbooks and start drawing again! I have been doing fashion illustrations since I was about nine years old. Seeing his work has given me motivation to continue drawing. I will try to feature my work on my blogspot really soon = ).
Can you guess what fashion models are being portrayed in this drawing?

S/S09 Christophe Decarnin


Bring on the Fringe

Alexander Wang Fringe Boot + Balmain Fringe Biker Vest = )

Olsen Time

If you read my blog you may have noticed I adore MaryKate Olsen's style.
With that said,why not take some time and post a random photo of the Olsens to pay homage to their eccentric one-of-kind style!

Stylistas Think Alike: Maison Martin Margiela


Some may say the metallic trend is over the top but I feel that as long as you don't have on head-to-toe gold it's can never look tacky. Look at these precious pieces that will have you at the nearest goldmine...but remember nobody likes a golddigger = )


Christian Louboutin

BBC & Louis Vuitton


Laid Back Chic

Martin Lamothe ShirtDress

Marc Jacobs LaceUp Boots

Fendi B Bag


Here's Chilli...she looks amazing in her most recent photoshoot.

My Style Idol

I am convinced Zoe Kravitz never leaves the house looking a hot mess = )

I Know Why the Caged Shoe Rocks...

... because Pucci made these!

All About Arlensis

Germany Vogue

Time Magazine


How cute her and Chanel Iman are pictured with their boyfriends Tyga & Rene Rodriguez!

A New Look at Ralph Lauren

I'm very glad that there are some design houses that are trying to use new faces for their campaigns. It's great to see a model of a race other than white! I think that this is just the beginning and I am looking forward to seeing ethnicties from all over being represented in the fashion world.
= )

Spot Me

Rachel Gilbert Phoenix Studded Leather Jacket

Christian Louboutin "Ceva" Seude Fringed Boots

Louis Vuitton Clutch

Havana Rendez-vous

Sara Blomqvizt in an editorial titled Havana Rendez-vous
for Numéro Tokyo's May 2009 issue

Pretty in Purple Pt.4


Giuseppe Zanotti



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