Instrumental Designs...

 Some photos of my friend Markie's custom jewlery line called Instrumental Designs

Markie (designer), Me & Michael all wearing our custom bracelets

Lusting For...

I am a shoe fanatic &&& I tend to lust over many types of shoes but I must admit that lately it really takes a lot for me to get excited about a pair of shoes. I guess that may be because I spend a lot of time searching the web & visiting stores all over the city looking  for the newest trends and the best knockoffs....I guess at times that all gets a little repetitive.

However, ahhh I swear I will never get tired of Alexander McQueen shoes!!!

Just look at these stunning fold-over canvas boots...
grommets.leather.laces.rocker-chic.stilletto heel all in one shoe?!!!
What's there not to love?

Who Wearing What: Victoria Beckham

Who: Victoria Beckham
Wearing What: Goyard Overnight Bag

Turn My Swag All The Way On!

The video below features a 16 year old girl named Cher Lloyd who auditioned for
the show X Factor recently.
So what drew me to this video was the fact that Cher walked out on to the stage and said she was going to sing ” Turn My Swag On by Soulja Boy” but the “Keri Hilson Version”.
'Your going to sing whatttt'?! (was all I could think)
I then prepared myself to laugh hysterically because I figured this wouldn't end well....
But to my surprise Cher killed it!
You all must check this vid out, this girl has TALENT & let's not forget to mention she's a stylista with her military blazer, ripped denim, & those fly booties <3

Stylista Playlist

Top Ten Tunes on my iPod playlist right now:
  1. Hope She Cheats- Marsha Ambrosious
  2. Ambitious Girl-Wale
  3. I'm a Lady- Santigold
  4. XXXO- M.I.A
  5. Clap Your Hands- Sia
  6. Blauw- Ciara
  7. Monster- Kanye West ft. RickRoss, Jay-Z,NickiMinaj, Bon Iver
  8. Rain- Dear Jayne
  9. Lotta Money- Diamond
  10. Fourth of July- Kelis

Meet Coco & Breezy...

 Coco & Breezy are 19yr old twins who design & hand make
their own couture eye wear line "Gemela Amor".
I happened to stumble upon Coco & Breezy while on Facebook. I had never heard of them prior to that but I decided to add them simply because we had a lot of mutual friends.
&&& then a few days after, I spotted a picture of R&B singer Ashanti rocking a pair of shades made by Coco & Breezy.
I checked out their website and became an instant fan of their line. What I like about "Gemela Amor"  is that the designs have a very industrial feel and every single design is unqiue.
Right now there seems to be this crazy amount of people making eyewear but they all seem to fall short of the creativity that Coco & Breezy's line embodies.
 I also am very inspiried by their story. Recently moving to NYC to pursue their design dream full time, the sisters work together to make their eye wear and have managed to do it all by themselves by hustling &&& grinding their line to several people in the fashion industry.
With celebrities like: Ciara, Ashanti, Kelly Osbourne, Amber Rose, and more rocking ‘Gemela Amor by coco&breezy’, they are definitely going to be the ones to look out for in the year to come!

Here is a link to their blog & website:
I recently peeped a vid on with the twins, that tells how they started & gives an introduction to who they are.
check it below..

Whipping Willow.

I really really can not get over how cool Willow Smith is! 
She's so intriging to me...First it was her semi-shave hairdo, then her rocker chick style & now it's her newest song "Whip My Hair" which to me sounds a whole lot better than  pop singers who are twice her age.

All of this at the age of 9?! That means she's just getting started right? Sheesh!
I mean let's not add the fact that she issss the daughter of Will & Jada Pinkett Smith, but Willow is definetley not your average 9yr old girl!

At her age with such kickass style, talent &&& star power I see her future looking really bright. I'm about to don a t-shirt with TeamWillow, hope she never let's me down! <3

Jessica Stam in Marie Claire Sept. 2010

The Jessica Stam Marie Claire US September 2010 spread is wittily titled “Grand Stam.” Stam is one of my top five models &&& I agree that as a model she has definitely made a grand slam in the fashion world!
&&& now she has now decided to try her hand at designing.
 Stam is partnering up with designer Rachel Roy, to create a guest collection.

Being that I adore Stam & Rachel Roy so much, I am really looking foward to this collection. <3

Gone for a Minute

Heyyy you guys I know I have been gone
from my bloggie for such a long time but I'm back....
&&& I can't wait to share all the cool things I have been doing these past couple of months stay tuned.
Love. Peace. Fashion


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