Whipping Willow.

I really really can not get over how cool Willow Smith is! 
She's so intriging to me...First it was her semi-shave hairdo, then her rocker chick style & now it's her newest song "Whip My Hair" which to me sounds a whole lot better than  pop singers who are twice her age.

All of this at the age of 9?! That means she's just getting started right? Sheesh!
I mean let's not add the fact that she issss the daughter of Will & Jada Pinkett Smith, but Willow is definetley not your average 9yr old girl!

At her age with such kickass style, talent &&& star power I see her future looking really bright. I'm about to don a t-shirt with TeamWillow, hope she never let's me down! <3

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