Fashionistas are You Fur Sure?

The winter is here and as the weather becomes full of frost, stylistas will have to start pulling out their warmest items to save them from the chill. One of my favorite things about winter is wearing faux fur clothing and right now my two faux fur favs from my wadrobe are my hooded bomber & scarf both from H&M.

I also have a real fur coat but I haven't worn it still because sometimes I feel bad about wearing real fur. I am aware of the cruelty involved with the creation of fashionable fur items so at times I feel guilty when I wear fur. &&& I know a lot of people who turn the blind eye to the practice- they probably feel being that we eat animals then why not wear them?

I grew up adoring fur coats and accesories like hats & shawls and I have always thought a woman looks so chic in fur. However, it doesn't seem right to subject animals to cruelty in the name of fashion. With that said, I still don't have a concrete agrument when it comes to this debate. = (

Some of my favorite celebs all adorned in fur:

I'm curious, how do you all feel about wearing real fur?

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  1. i grew up around fur my mom wore it alot so it doesnt bother me i think its cool. i wear faux tho



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