Goodness...are we really already in the month of April?!
 &&& why does it matter that we are in the fourth month of the year already?
Well maybe it doesn't even matter to you, but for me that means there's only one more month until my 21st birthday.
The horrible thing is that I don't even feel excited about turning the big 2-1!
&&& that's so crazy because every since I was like 12 years old...I freakin wanted to be 21 sooo bad!
 But now that it's almost here I quite frankly don't even care.
The only thing is that I will be old enough to bar hop & dance my ass off at niteclubs...but then again every since I turned 18 I been doing that = /

I guess for me an approaching birthday reminds me of the fact that I am getting older! I feel like Bella from Twilight & her resentment of turning a year older on her birthday.
Please don't get me wrong, I like---no as a matter of fact I LOVE birthdays.
(me on my 20th birthday)
But damn it's just annoying me that I'm getting older because with a new age comes new responsiblities, new problems...basically what I'm trying to say is a whole crap load of new b.s.

&&& oh gosh do I hate B.S. !

However despite my fear of having B.S. I know that I will be going into 21 with a job, a really good boyfriend, cool friends, & a supportive family.

So whatever I will suck it up & roll with the punches.
&&& besides a birthday is a great excuse for a new pair of shoes...(Louboutins in a size 38 please <3)!

 I made a list of random things I plan to accompolish for age 21 in 2010....

  1. Get my drivers license

  2. Practice sewing more

  3. Learn a new language

  4. Go on (2) vacations

  5. Buy a Louis Vuitton bag

  6. Visit every single NYC musuem

  7. New Tattoo

  8. Spend more time with family

  9. Grow/advance at work

  10. Create a YouTube channel

  11. Make a graffitti scrapbook

  12. Get Rihanna's beach body = )

Well I'm done blabbing randomness for now.
But before I take off, I'm curious how many of you all feel the same way I do about getting older?

-XoXo. Love. Peace. Fashion
Monica Melyssa

1 comment:

  1. bahahahaha lmao at the first photo
    i'm gonna be 21 too monicaaa in june
    i'm kind of sad about it i'm officially going to be an adult would much rather be a careless teenager haha but on the flipside i'm happy to be alive. hope you get everything you wish for!



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