Would You Wear Doc Martens?

Everything old is new again---well in the fashion world that is.
I've noticed that this season some of fashion’s trends have looked to the 1990’s for inspiration and with that said combat boots by Doc Martens are officially hot again!
And for 2010 the Dr. Martens trend has finally crossed over into the mainstream; their not just for emo kids anymore.
 From famous celebs to chic fashionistas, everyone’s starting to rock Doc's combat boot.
Last week I went with my boyfriend to a shoe store & he tried on a pair in navy blue and I beagn to wonder if this trend is really wearable?
Personally, I’m not crazy about the boots on their own, they look very clunky and uncomfortable. However, for some reason I have decided I just may jump on the Doc Marten bandwagon &&& get myself a a shiny black pair.
I feel like Doc Martens worn with the right outfit somehow looks completely fresh, cool, and can put a unique twist on a simple outfit.

Here's some outfits featuring Dr. Martens, that I created on polyvore.com
Dr. Martens Outfit#2Dr. Martens Outfit #1
They are definetely a pair of shoes that defy all fashion logic!
So what do you guys think? Would you wear Doc Martens? If so, how would you wear them?
Whether you’re obsessed with this trend or think it should stay in the 90’s, leave a comment and let me know what you think!


  1. i wouldn't wear them, but amber rose is doing her thing in them! love that outfit on her.

  2. i love doc martens! or any combat boot for that matter. they are so rugged!



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