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It's been awhile since I've blogged. &&& now that I think of it I really don't have any good excuse for the lack of posts. = (
I guess I just just let that thing we call life get to me. I've been feeling kind of down because of missed opportunitues as well as decisions regarding my education that I made that I'm feeling may have set me back.

Butttt I decided that no matter what I'm doing or not doing...I just need to stop coming down sooo hard on myself!
What helped me do that was to look in retrospect.
When I looked back on the yr 2009 I think about all the new opportunities &&& all the cool people I met that I never knew before. I did things I never thought I'd do &&& encountered some things that I never imagined were coming my way. There was alot that I thought was a curse almost like some sort of punishment but then I always tell myself that the worst things are almost always blessings in disguise. 
I believed in the saying "this too shall pass".  & I kept my faith.
 Besides having strong faith the most productive thing I did in 2009 was to let go of people that were holding me back from being great. I really had to muster up sooo much strength to do so.
I was wasting my time & energy on people who didn't even deserve me in their life. I was seriously giving my all &&& being my best for people who didn't do the same for me.  
Why should I spend my lifetime making an apology about who I am to someone that doesn't deserve me?
Or why should I go to great lengths to disprove false statements &&& opinions about me?
I am strong, independent, loyal & loving and anyone who doesn't see that in me & claims to be a friend or a loved one truly doesn't deserve me.

With ALL of that said = )....2010 is all about me focusing on my goals. Acheiving my dreams & my FASHION<3 career aspirations. &&& of course spending valuable time with close friends & loved ones. So I scream out to all my ladies & gentlemen...Can we get excited about 2010...it's the year of endless possibilties!!!

Sooo can anyone relate to this post? I would love to hear from you guys so drop a comment! 

Ok now it's time to do what I do best...some good ole' style blogging

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