NYFW:The Vessel by Lois.

Since NYFW is wrapping up I wanted to share a little bit about attending my very first Fashion Week Show in NYC.
I was given the great opportunity by my friend & fellow blogger Amber of  Beauty&The Street to work as an intern  for a designer by the name of Lois Samuels (pronounced Loy). Lois is a former model and her collection which is called The Vessel. Upon first seeing Lois' collection I was reminded of school uniforms and outfits I seen on women when I visited the Amish country. Although, the pieces are far from my personal style, I truly did appreciate her aesthic; I feel that she designs very sophisticated pieces that are brillant.

designer Lois Samuels
The show took place on a Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately it was a few days after a NYC blizzard so I had to trek downtown through plenty snow to reach the venue at 10 AM sharp.
When I arrived I was greeted by a hairstylist who for some odd reason thought I was a model. I was sooo flattered by this because only in my wildest dreams would I be mistakened for a runway model (I'm only about 5'5). I made my way to find the designer Lois who was busy rushing around & giving everyone orders. Therefore, I jumped right into seating arrangements with the other interns. This didn't last too long when Lois asked me to go around &&& take attendance for all the models. For some reason this was very nerve racking to me. It was bad enough I felt terribly shy around these tall svetle runway beauties and now I had to actually talk to them?! I got over it of course when one of the models was extra friendly to me. 

Afterwards, Amber, Ebony (her sister) and I tried our best to snap a few good pictures of the models practicing and the all the prepping that was going on. Now it was about an hour & a half to go when the show's stylist needed Ebony and I to go to the store to grab random items such as Sharpies, black tube socks, and  lint rollers. We walked 4 avenues in search of a store, when we finally find what we need, we realize that we're drenched from the snow & our hair is wet...not such a good look when your attending a fashion show!
However, we made our way back this time in a taxi cab and rushed to fix ourselves up because it was 30 minutes until showtime.

When the show started my excitement was at an ultimate high to finally see the models walk so gracefully in Lois' clothes. I loved all of the shirt dresses, this really eye-grabbing red cashmere sweater and my favorite as well as my friends' was a stunning royal purple cape. Overall it was a great show and as an aspiring designer it was a very rewarding experience.
This was a great begining to my future in fashion and hopefully someday I will have my own collection shown in NYFW and can offer a young woman the same chance Lois gave me to help with her show.

Left to Right: Amber, Ebony, Me



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