It's Twenty Ten!

Heyyy everyone and a very very very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!!
Whoa I can't believe it's a new year already! Geez does time fly when your so busy being fab = )
Well now that's it's officially 2010 it's mos def  time to start living up to those new years resolutions!

I actually do have quite a few new years resolutions of my own and why not use a blog post to get them off my chest! &&& that way I will have at least one or more pe0ple who can hold me responsible for them = )

So here goes...
Keeping better in touch with my family & close friends
Read More Books
Not be such a flake! I only flake because I make too many plans at once & then I end up letting someone down
Stop procrastinating!!! (enough said!)
Give one compliment a day
Act on faith & not fear
Allow criticism to not get the best of me
Save before spurlging.
Continue to be loving & affectionate to the ones that matter most to me.
&&& last but not least....

Produce my own fashion show!!!

    Sooo everyone, what are some of your resolutions?
Love. Peace. Fashion
Monica Melyssa

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