Angela & Vanessa Simmons for Honey Mag

Here's an excerpt from the interview of the girls talking about their style:

HoneyMag:Describe your style.
A: I don’t really have a set style because I don’t know how I’m going to feel in the morning.
V: You would be a very diverse dresser.
A: But that’s boring. I don’t want to say “diverse dresser.”
V: I made up my whole category. I’m versatile.
A: I don’t like to just go with what’s trendy right now. I’ll go back and pull stuff and say, “This was popular in 1995, I’m putting it on.” I’m all over the place.

HoneyMag: Sneakers or stilettos?
V: Flats. Nice flat boots.
A: At this very moment, I would put on stilettos. That’s why Pastry is making heels.
V: But heels that can also be comfortable.
A: And I love sneakers. I’ve always been a sneaker head. But that’s what drives us to be able to do a line. We’re into that world. We’re into all of it. People often say, “I don’t understand why you don’t have your stuff on all the time.” Because I’m such a fashion-person that I could never limit myself to one lane. What I like to do is go shop and get inspiration to build up new stuff.

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Not only are these two sisters beautiful with cool personal style but they are also great role models. I think every young lady could look up to these two! I have always found them to be inspiring and I stay motivated by their entrpreniual spirit and fashion savy.


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