Shame on You Ralph Lauren!

Ok so according to fashion label Ralph Lauren being five-foot-eight and 120-pound is FAT! I found this out after watching a segment on the news with model Filippa Hamilton-Palmstierna. She explained why she was asked to say goodbye to Ralph Lauren after four successful years modeling for the label. Unlike models who get too old for the job, Hamilton-Palmstierna’s contract ran out because “of her inability to meet the obligations under her contract with [Ralph Lauren].”
 The images above are what led Filippa down the path to unemployment.  Her perfectly proportional body was obessively photoshopped because she was not skinny enough for Ralph Lauren's standards.

I think that Filippa has every right to be outraged by Ralph Lauren's decision and those photos are awful...just straight up grotesque! I thought this was so ironic because a few months back I had made a post about how happy I was to see Ralph Lauren using diverse models for their ad campaigns. After seeing these images it seems like they went downhill since then. = (

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