One Year & Counting...

Wow I still can't believe that this month makes it one whole year that I started this blog Memoirs of Style! I remember sitting in my room pondering about having my own blog. I wanted my blog to be a little bit of everything and because of this I kept struggling with the whole purpose of the blog. Then finally I thought who cares about the purpose! I decided that I would just write and post pictures of random things that caught my interest from my perspective as a young fashion enthusiast.

&&& now after a year if someone were to ask me today,Why do you blog? or What is the purpose of your blog? I would have a sure and definite answer. = )

I love fashion & style...always have and I always will. &&& As a young woman trying to find out what it is exactly that I want to do in the fashion industry it seems almost essential for me to blog. By having a blog it forces me to keep myself up to date with designer collections, current trends, editorials and news from in the fashion world. etc. & everytime that I make a post I feel more connected & closer to my dream of working in the industry.

There are many times I thought about ending this blog. &&& that's because I have made many objections...the biggest one being not having enough time to post. But then I would check my emails & get words of encouragement from my readers & friends. Words like 'I love your blog' & 'keep up the good posts'. I honestly didn't think anyone even cared about what I had to say! I would just like to take the time to give Thanks to all the readers.  

xoxo. Love. Peace. Fashion!

Monica Melyssa

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