Alexander McQueen Cloned

Alexander McQueen "Pelle" Booties
A few posts back I featured these gorge glamrock shoes by Alexander McQueen. Ever since then I have found two clones of them. If you ask me they are pretty close to the orginals. What do you think?

 I saw these on a recent trip to Steve Madden in SoHo & I went OMG those look just like the Alexander McQueen Pelle Booties! &&& Steve Madden has already been hit with a lawsuit for these knockoffs.
Man I should have bought them when I first laid eyes on them because I checked the site and they are no longer available!

There are also these clones from GoJane. Not as fab as the McQueens nor are they copied as perfect as the Steve Madden's but I still like them.

*P.S. I don't think it's ok for labels to copy designs. I just have fun finding designer inspired pieces. It's unfortunate that some labels don't take much time or effort to change designs to fit the aesthic of their company.  Copying with the intent to trade on the popularity of the design and commercial strength of another brand is not a good thing = (

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