Style Session: Rih's Shades

A-Moirr Barrcuda Studded Glasses by Kerin Rose

Louis Vuitton Graffiti Mask Sunglasses
Here's a little secret...I have an obession with Rihanna. = ) but if your a faithful reader I'm pretty sure you guessed it already, it's def. not hard to tell. (by the way peep the new blog banner above) But anwayz...I can't stop looking at photos of her & analyzing her outfits. I'm always trying to figure out what designer she is wearing and where I can find a cheaper alternative. I even stare at her nails & hair. Oh gosh yea obessesed with a bold cap O! lol. Thanks Rih for giving me style inspiration for two whole years.
xoxo your Stylista Sister Monica Melyssa.


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  2. I am exactly the same. I get so excited when i see a new picture of her just to see what she has on and her accessories!!!



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