Bebe Does Balmain

Every season I make a style shopping-list. The list usually consists of clothing and shoes that I want or plan to buy. Being that it's more like a wish-list I sometimes include things that in reality I may not get around to buying. = (

So for Fall09 #3 on my list is: own something Balmain. Currently, I am a college student with no financial aid for tuition = ( and I only have a part-time retail job...sooo I highly doubt I will cross #3 off sometime this year. LoL.

But hey it's wishful thinking! Besides can you imagine NOT feeling like an ultimate stylista in a fab creation by Balmain something like this one from the Fall 2008 collection...

Maybe Balmain dresses are so exspensive because each piece is sprinkled with magic sexy dust. = )

And the celebs love Balmain just like me too!

I hope that my readers are not tired of my knockoff/ designer look-alike posts. I realized that lately I have been making a lot of knockoff posts and also have been writing a lot about Balmain..but I will not stop because every woman deserves a little Balmain in her life whether it's an authnetic Balmain piece or a Balaminesque piece.

I know that my store Zara has ripped-offed every great design from Balmain for their F/W collection. The studded shoes, military/band jackets, tie-dyed jeans...the list goes on. But after visiting Bebe I see they are also gulity as charged when it comes to committing the copycat crime. However, I do not care let them copy all they want because that's what FastFashion stores are for & I love to shop at both Zara & Bebe!!!

Got a serious case of Balmania? Bebe may be able to cure you...

Unzipped Lace Beaded Dress($119)

Sequin Beaded Ruched Lace Top($89)

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