Harlem Heights:Life From the Top

The cast of BET's newest reality show, Harlem Heights at the premiere party thrown in New York City.

The show which premiered March 2nd follows the lives of 8 young black “tastemakers” who are making moves while living in Harlem, New York.

After viewing the show,I discovered there is so much to love about Harlem Heights! For one it takes place in Harlem which sets it apart from the carbon copy reality shows about young adults from the West Coast. Secondly, Harlem isn't being portrayed in a negative light. Lastly,the characters of the show all have ambition and several goals as they make their way into the post-college life.

Tune in to Harlem Heights Mondays at 10 PM/9C.

For those of you who also watched the premiere, what’d you think about it?

Here's Brooke who stirs up a lil' bit of drama & allegedly she dated Kanye West. I love her style the most, she seems like a true fashionista.
The entire female cast of Harlem Heights

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  1. this show looks cool bout time a good reality black show..not really feelin baldwin hills..i really like Brooke me and her have the same style i like her



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